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JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Academic Calendar 2018-2019 (Click Here)

JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Academic Calendar 2018-2019 (Click Here)

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1, 1-2 Academic Calendar 2018-2019

JNTU Kakinada has announced the academic calendar for the students admitted in 2018 as freshers. This is the Academic Calendar for B.Tech 1st Year I & II Semesters. This is the Academic calendar should be followed by each and every college which is under JNTUK. This calendar is applicable to all the students who opted CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, MECH, CIVIL and remaining branches. In this calendar, you will be clearly given with date-to-date information of the examinations and classes for both I & II Semesters of 2018-2019. The examination schedules are strictly followed by JNTU Kakinada.

JNTUK 1-1 Academic Calendar 2018-2019
JNTUK 1-1 1-2 Academic Calendar 2018-2019

The calendar is to be followed strictly and keep updated with date-to-date examinations and be prepared for your first day of schedule. So that you can easily crack your examinations and can attend the examinations without fail.The Internal marks are considered from you Mid-Examinations which are held after your I & II Unit Instructions.Along with that, you should be very careful with your Lab Internals and Externals in the same way to gain more practical knowledge.

JNTUK 1-1  1-2 Academic Calendar 2018-2019

This is the Academic calendar for the students who admitted recently i.e., for students who joined freshly in 2017. This calendar follows the schedule up to 2019 until your end of the II mid Examinations. This calendar has clear instructions when classes start and exam starts along with your practical and preparation time-tables. The complete day-to-day schedule will be announced when you exam dates are released from JNTUK and we will let you know immediately whenever there is a new notification.

Here below we are updating the clear information from the first date of your class work to end examination dates for both I & II Semesters for the 1st year students joined in 2017 as freshers. Now please go through schedule is given below which lets you be prepared for your entire Academic Year(2018-2019). We will be posting everyday notification here to keep you updated. Follow the instructions and examination dates carefully.

JNTUK 1-1 academic calendar 2018-19

This is the Academic Calendar for 1-1 Semester(A.Y 2018-2019). Coming to the schedule the classes commence from 11-06-2018. Then I Unit of instructions means the classes for the first Mid instuctions will be between 11-06-2018 to 04-08-2018. Then later I Mid Examinations will start from 06-08-2018 to 11-08-2018. Again the II Unit of classes will start from  13-08-2018 to 06-10-2018  and the II Mid Examination starts from 08-10-2018 to 13-10-2018.

jntuk B.Tech 1st Year I Semester Calendar for the Year 2017-2018:

B.TECHI YEAR 1 Semester
Descri tion From Weeks
Commencement of Class Work 11-06-2018
I Unit of Instructions 11-06-2018 04-08-2018
I Mid Examinations 06-08-2018 11-08-2018
Il Unit of Instructions 13-08-2018 06-10-2018
Il Mid Examinations 08-10-2018 13-10-2018
Pre aration & Practicals 15-10-2018 20-10-2018 IW
End Examinations 22-10-2018 03-1 1-2018
Commencement of Class Work 05-11-2018
B.TECH 1 YEAR 11 Semester
I Unit of Instructions 05-11-2018 29-12-2018
I Mid Examinations 31-12-2018 05-01-2019
Il Unit of Instructions 07-01-2019 02-03-2019
Il Mid Examinations 05-03-2019 1 1-03-2019
Preparation & Practicals 12-03-2019 16-03-2019
End Examinations 18-03-2019 30-03-2019
Commence of Il Year Class Work 10-06-2019

JNTUK 1-2 academic calendar 2018-19

Now here comes the final schedule for the for the Second Semester as it starts with Preparation & Practical Examinations will be conducted between 16-04-2018 to 21-04-2018These dates may vary between college to college depends upon the practical subjects but in between the dates,  you are going to complete the practicals. Later the Final Examinations start from 23-04-2018 to 05-05-2018 there will be no change in the examination schedule without an update from JNTUK. If there any changes we let you know through our post.


Again the classes for 2nd Semester starts from 11-06-2018.


JNTUK Academic Calendar for B.Tech 1st Year I & II Semesters. (Admitted in 2018)

Hope you people followed the entire schedule and we will let you updated with entire day to day classes and follow for the related posts from JNTU Kakinada. If you find the information is using the share it with your friends and in your social media pages. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to write us. You people can comment if you have any doubts. Follow us for your daily notifications thank you for your time.

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